Sunday, June 26, 2022
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A platform for Qataris, residents to showcase filmmaking talent

Meriam Jelliti
The seventh edition of the Ajyal Film Festival presented by Doha Film Institute opened on Monday with the participation of many young Qatar-based movie makers showcasing creative talents in the film industry.
Over the course of six days, the festival will be showing local and international cinema, including feature films, short films and several other programmes from over 40 countries.
The ‘Made in Qatar’ programme, supported by Ooredoo, is taking place during the festival to offer a platform for the young filmmakers based in Qatar to showcase locally made films.
‘Made in Qatar’ is presenting two programmes featuring a selection of compelling short narratives and documentaries.
In an interview with Qatar Tribune, co-producer of the film ‘In the Middle’, Mohammad al Jabri, spoke of the unique experience of making the film, being related to the young people living in conflict zones.
“The director Mariam al Dubhani and I were in Yemen, and the story represents the reality of many young people living under these circumstances. We aimed to escape the common headlines concerning Yemen and create a different story,” he said.
Jabri expressed hope in young people in connecting and understanding the meaning and the purpose behind making of ‘In the Middle’.
Media student and director of the documentary ‘Refuge’, Maha Essid explained the importance of showcasing the stories from the youth perspective.
“The story is personal. Identity is a highly important topic for young people, especially when living away from home. We made a relatable film which all can understand and feel,” she said.
Young Qataris and residents, students and filmmakers participating in the annual celebration of the best international youth cinema prove the thrift of the Qatari film industry in the most creative and diverse forms.
“I have received much feedback about the film from different kinds of people, from different religions, ages and backgrounds, which made me realise that it is a story for everyone,” said Dimitri Yuri, the director of ‘Falling Leaves’.
The ‘Made in Qatar’ programme is slated on November 19 (today) at 8pm and November 21 at 8:30pm.