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Ubuntu Bash: Celebrating the spirit of humanity, brotherhood

Ubuntu Bash: Celebrating the 
spirit of humanity, brotherhood

It turned out to be a truly memorable occasion for the gathering as the Ubuntu Bash organised by the South African embassy, turned Doha Sports Park into “a small Africa” on November 15.
The event, which featured South Africans as well as members of other African communities, was attended by a number of ambassadors and diplomats from African countries including Nigeria, Mali, Benin, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda.
Celebrity South African chef Jenny Morris held interactive culinary demonstrations for children and adults. To add to it, renowned South African singer-songwriter-singer Jimmy Nevis enthralled the audience with his latest hits. On the other hand, celebrated South African disc jockey Philani Manyoni, popularly known as DJ Mpiloz, was on the decks to give the best spins.
There were also more than 20 stalls displaying South African delicacies such as bunny chows, boerewors rolls, koeksisters, chakalaka, pap and bobotie, among other items, from different ethnic communities. There were delicacies from countries such as Nigeria as well.
Besides, there was a bazaar featuring different items including bags, shoes, clothes, carved items, sculptures, and many other accessories that were displayed by vendors from South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania and Malawi.
There were fun-filled activities too for children and adults including, what’s called, the ‘walking football’.
There was also a cake-cutting ceremony to mark the day.
Ubuntu means ‘I am because we are’, and also ‘humanity towards others’. It’s best known as a humanist philosophy associated with Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu.
The Ubuntu Bash, Heritage Day, is marked on September 24 every year to celebrate the cultural wealth of the South African nation. South Africans mark the day by celebrating the cultural heritage of the many cultures that make up the population of their country.
South African Ambassador to Qatar HE Faizel Moosa said he was happy to see different communities coming together for the event. “It’s very overwhelming. This event is going to grow. This year’s is much bigger compared to last year’s.”
The ambassador further said, “What we are trying to build in Qatar is Ubuntu. We are trying to build South Africa as a nation. We come from very different backgrounds and we are trying to bring that social cohesion among South Africans.”
The event was sponsored by Turkish Airlines, Sasol, Al Jassra Group, Nandos and an event organising company.
“We are so grateful for Dala,” said the ambassador.
Morris made sandwiches on the braai-open fire barbeque. Demonstrating his cooking skills in Qatar for the third time this year, Morris said, “I am so glad to be back and people are as warm as they were.”
She said she was very happy to showcase her culinary skills in Qatar. “I am so proud. I get excited and I love sharing. Today we are cooking on a fire.”
Nevis, who enthralled the audience for about 45 minutes, said this was the first time he was performing in Doha. “I love this place. It’s beautiful. The architecture is amazing.”
He performed a number of his songs including 7764, Heartboxing and All about it. Perhaps one of the highlights of his performance was when he performed the song titled 7764, a song that talks about a hood in Athlone in The Cape Flats, South Africa where Nevis grew up. “To sing that song from my childhood in Doha was quite a moment for me.”
DJ Mpiloz said he was on a tour to the US, Kenya and the UK when he was invited to come and perform in Qatar. An afro-house deejay, he said he was happy to perform in Qatar. DJ Mpiloz had come to Qatar ahead of the Ubuntu Bash and had performed in different places in hotels in Qatar. “Qatar is a beautiful place. The people are hospitable and they love us, the African people.”
DJ Mpiloz is working on his new album, ‘The Moment.”
A vendor of Home made with Love said that he brought all South African desserts to Qatar. “These are very popular in South Africa.”
The vendors displayed items from their respective countries.