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QC delivers third house under ‘Renovation Challenge’ programme

QC delivers third house under ‘Renovation
Challenge’ programme

Tribune News Network
Qatar Charity (QC) has handed over the third house which was repaired as part of its ‘Renovation Challenge’ project that aims to rehabilitate the homes of low-income families and improve their living conditions.
The maintenance and furnishing works were completed successfully with the funding from the Ideal Solutions Company. Several employees from the company also volunteered to renovate the house.
The funding from the company covered the complete maintenance of the house belonging to a low-income family. The maintenance included electricity, ceramics, coating, plumbing and air conditioning, as well as providing complete kitchen equipment such as refrigerator, cooker and cabinets.
Eng Mahmoud Amer, chairman of Ideal Solutions Company, expressed his pride in completing the restoration of the house.
He praised the ‘Renovation Challenge’ programme, which aims to create a suitable living environment for families with low income, improve their social status, and bring the joy of living a dignified life to them, in addition to promoting the values of social solidarity and community cooperation among people in Qatar.
The Ideal Solutions Company participates in such community activities as part of its corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy to give back to the society in which it operates, added the chairperson.
He noted that cooperation with QC started during the Holy Month of Ramadan by participating in many of its events including the ‘You Are Note Alone’ programme, printing children’s books and taking part in the ‘Renovation Challenge’ project.
The idea of the ‘Restoration Challenge’ programme is mainly based on the competition between companies to carry out the maintenance and renovation of houses of low-income families. The project aims to promote voluntary work and achieve social cohesion by activating partnerships to serve the community.
The renovation project continues throughout the year by repairing and furnishing old houses after studying the cases by the aid committee.
During Ramadan, QC completed the renovation, maintenance and furnishing of two homes and handed over them, sponsored by Qatar Power Engineering and Contracting Company and Vodafone.
QC said it appreciates the significant role of the Ideal Solutions Company in funding the renovation of the third house as part its corporate social responsibility. It also lavished praise on youth volunteers, who contributed to the success of the project by working directly, or volunteering to raise funds for it, in addition to publicising the project to garner support for it.