Wednesday, December 2, 2020
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Qatar Living, QCS enter partnership to combat cancer

Tribune News Network
Qatar Living (QL), one of the oldest and most popular community websites in Qatar, has entered into a partnership with Qatar Cancer Society (QCS) in a bid to raise public awareness of cancer and its impact on the community and promote a culture of early detection.
Under the partnership, members of the public can donate to the Qatar Cancer Society through the special QCS widget on Qatar Living’s website.
Individuals who wish to donate can easily access the QCS widget, which appears on the right side of any article page on the QL website.
Qatar Living’s website will feature information on QCS projects and events that draw attention to different kinds of cancers, their associated risk factors, and their prevention and treatment in the country.
Marketing and Public Relations Manager at Qatar Living Mohamed Noorudeen said, “As one of the largest, most influential online portals in Qatar, we recognise our responsibility to inform and educate our audience about the impact of cancer on families in Qatar and around the world
“Our partnership with QCS will help raise awareness and contribute to Qatar’s ongoing efforts to protect future generations,” he highlighted.
The QL-QCS partnership provides a seamless, hassle-free solution to individuals looking to support Qatar Cancer Society through online donations for cancer treatment and cancer research in Qatar, he added.
The partnership strengthens Qatar Living’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) focus, which places great importance to health and fitness, in addition to connecting with the community to enhance the lives of those living in Qatar.
Zakariya Karazoun, Marketing and Partnership Officer at Qatar Cancer Society, thanked Qatar living for its efforts in supporting of QCS’s plans and strategy and hoped that more partnerships with all State institutions will contribute to the deployment of community awareness of cancer and the ways to prevent it.”
Karazoun pointed out that the partnership between the two sides was to strengthen efforts to combat cancer and raise awareness about it and we should do that continually and not linked the awareness to a specific period of time.
He stressed the importance of community partnerships and the need to address all ages , It is time to highlight the disease extensively and put forward more positive experiences.
He pointed to the need for society to increase awareness of cancer and change stereotypes around it.