Friday, August 7, 2020
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Deal signed to foster human rights culture among schoolchildren

The Ministry of Education and Higher Education and the National Human Rights Committee (NHRC) on Monday signed a memorandum of cooperation on the implementation of the Arab Plan for Human Rights Education adopted by the Council of the Arab League at the summit level.
The MoC was signed by Minister of Education and Higher Education HE Dr Mohammed Abdul Wahed Ali al Hammadi and NHRC Chairman Dr Ali bin Smaikh al Marri.
Educational materials on human rights for preparatory, primary and secondary stages were launched after the agreement was signed. They will be integrated into the curriculum for the three stages.
The signing of the memorandum was based on Qatar’s keenness to meet its obligations at local, regional and international levels and on the importance of human rights education and its role in establishing, disseminating and promoting these rights in the educational and community environments in a scientific and systematic manner.
Terming NHRC as a national house of expertise, Dr Hammadi praised its leading role in establishing and spreading culture of human rights in society, including the preparation of educational materials on human rights.
Dr Hammadi stressed that human rights were an essential part of the curriculum system in Qatar, including educational values and qualifications.
“The signing of the memorandum promotes the concepts and meanings of human rights among students and establishes them in the educational environment in an innovative and systematic way, which prepares them for the future on the values of tolerance, justice, equality and respect for one another.”
NHRC Chairman Dr Marri welcomed the signing of the cooperation agreement and the launch of educational materials.
He expressed hope that the materials would find sufficient attention from the teaching staff. He said teachers should receive assistance, advice and training to communicate human rights concepts to students in innovative and realistic ways.
Dr Marri stressed the readiness of the NHRC to train teaching staff to use materials and harness its potential to achieve their objectives.
According to the memorandum, the two parties will cooperate to strengthen their relations in the field of disseminating and educating human rights culture, integrating them in the curriculum, and encouraging schools to apply and integrate human rights concepts and principles into educational curricula and school activities.
In accordance with the provisions of the memorandum, the NHRC, in coordination with the Ministry, are working on a plan to disseminate a culture of human rights in educational institutions.