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QU’s Foundation Programme hosts annual Open Day for new students

QU’s Foundation Programme hosts
annual Open Day for new students

Tribune News Network
Qatar University’s (QU) recently organised a three-day Open Day event for students enroled in the Foundation Program (FP) courses.
The event, which was attended by around 300 students, aimed to introduce FP students to the QU and FP polices, and various students support services.
QU’s FP Director Dr Hezam al Awah welcomed the students and encouraged them to make the most of the services offered by Foundation Program Student Affairs (FPSA) office. Dr Awah stressed the importance of joining students’ clubs and participating in various activities within the QU community.
Assistant Director for FPSA Hayat Samad showcased the policies and services in an interactive way via the Kahoot e-education programme. In a speech at the event, she said, “The FP aims to enhance student’s success in their university journey by developing English and math skills. I urge you to make use of your time in the FP and hone your skills, which will be a base for you to succeed in your future disciplines.”
The FPSA office offers several services to insure student success. This includes observing the academic level of each students and providing support when needed through workshops and awareness sessions. The Foundation Program also instilled a ‘Success Zone’,which offers learners one-on-one tutoring in English and math skills. The teachers behind the Success Zone, which focuses on at-risk students, gave a presentation during the Open Day to educate the students on how the work can complement the lectures.
In addition, outstanding students were honoured during the event through various awards. Winning students expressed their appreciation towards the FPSA and the support they received. Abdul Jalil Abdul Majid, winner of the FP Distinguished Student Award and Student Achievement Award,expressed his pride in being nominated for both awards by his teachers. He said, “Following this year, I hope to be admitted to medical school and achieve my ambition to become a doctor.”
Hajar alSayed, winner of the FP Distinguished Student Award, noted the benefit of the FP saying, “It helped me qualify academically and develop my English skills. It gave me the opportunity to get to know the university, its regulations and laws and encouraged me to volunteer and participate in conferences and activities.”