Sunday, July 12, 2020
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Qatar to export dairy products to UK soon: QC

Tribune News Network
After achieving 100 percent self-sufficiency in dairy products, Qatar is now planning to export milk products to the UK, Director-General of Qatar Chamber (QC) Saleh al Sharqi has said.
Qatar’s dairy products have the quality to compete with similar products in the overseas markets, he said.
“After the unjust blockade was imposed on Qatar on June 5, 2017, the country has built several companies and raised the production capacity of existing companies, with the aim of achieving self-reliance on food products. After reaching the self-sufficiency goal, the country is now in a position to export a diverse range of food products to other countries,” Sharqi said during an interview with Al Watan.
Sharqi said the Chamber, since the beginning of the siege, has worked to provide all support to businesses and open up investment opportunities for them. The foreign capital to the Qatari market reached through the Chamber amounts to 40 percent of the total investments, he said.
The Chamber is also looking for diverse partnerships for Qatari companies and assisting them in the process of finalising projects with the government.
Sharqi pointed out that the Chamber has plans to organise a ‘Made in Qatar’ exhibition in Kuwait next year. This is in addition to a conference and exhibition on ‘halal’ products, which will be held for the first time in Qatar by mid-2020. The Chamber will also work to promote ‘halal’ industries and products in the local market, he said.
“The Chamber is also working through its international network of relations to provide Qatari companies with access to foreign markets, including in countries such as Azerbaijan, China and India,” he said.
“Before the blockade, bakers in Qatar were importing flour from the blockading countries at high prices. With the opening of new shipping routes by the Chamber, the imports came directly from the sources, significantly reducing the costs,” he added.