Saturday, July 11, 2020
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100 arrested in Paris ‘yellow vest’ protests

Paris: Over a hundred demonstrators were arrested at yellow vest protests in Paris on Saturday as about 7,500 police were deployed to deal with the movement’s radical anarchist “black blocs” strand.
After first marching with the yellow vests, around 1,000 radical demonstrators joined a separate march against climate change where they provoked clashes with police, authorities said.
Two bank buildings were damaged in the clashes, along with motor scooters, windows and other property. Some activists built makeshift roadblocks which they then torched.
The climate march organisers urged protesters to go home to avoid the clashes which involved teargas and baton charges.
The yellow vest movement erupted 10 months ago and blindsided President Emmanuel Macron, whom protesters accuse of being out of touch with the needs of ordinary French people.
“We are assembling just to say that we can’t make ends meet. (The protest) is not only against the president, it’s against the system,” said a female protester who did not give her name. (AFP)