Wednesday, September 23, 2020
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Ministry launches website to promote traffic awareness among children

The Ministry of Interior (MoI) on Tuesday inaugurated a new website, ‘Policeman My Friend’, to promote traffic awareness among children and enhance their traffic culture in general.
Director of Traffic Awareness Department at the MoI Colonel Mohammed Radi al Hajri said the launching of the website aims to break the barrier between children and police as the website is full of children-friendly characters.
Hajri stressed that spreading traffic awareness among children is one of the goals of the Department.
He pointed out that since children are the next generation of road users, whether as pedestrians or drivers, paying attention to them has future advantages for traffic safety. Spreading traffic awareness is a shared responsibility of all segments of the society, he added.
For his part, Assistant Director of Public Relations Department at MoI Major Mubarak Salem al Buainain said the ministry is keen to employ modern technologies to promote security.
The launch of the new website is a confirmation of the efforts to raise awareness among children as future leaders, he said.
Head of the research and studies section in the Public Relations Department at MoI Sheikha al Anoud bint Faisal al Thani said the new website contains many cultural activities that suit children and meet their need for knowledge.
She said the website aims to strengthen the role of the police and its noble message in the minds of children and develop a sense of security among them.
Sheikha al Anoud added that the website contains the right information that helps children and their parents to deal with various accidents such as fires at home or injuries that may occur.
The inauguration of the website took place in the traffic village at the General Directorate of Traffic in the presence of a number of officers at the Ministry of Interior and about 26 children from Al Manar International School and Kindergarten.