Friday, August 7, 2020
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Al Khor Hospital to set up diabetes centre soon

Tribune News Network
Al Khor Hospital is working to set up a diabetes centre soon to serve patients with diabetes. Once the centre opens, patients with diabetes seeking medical care in Al Khor area will be treated at the Al Khor facility itself instead of traveling to Doha.
Besides, the Al Khor hospital receives about 400 patients in the outpatient department every day. The emergency departments receive 700 patients per day and 350 operations are performed monthly.
Dr Wissam Ghadhban, Medical Director of Al Khor Hospital, said the hospital is working to reduce the waiting list by opening additional clinics. The hospital is also planning to expand its dentistry clinic.
“We have recently started receiving dialysis patients in the evening shift. The service is available three days in a week,” Dr Ghadhban said.
“We have a new service in the hospital which is venous treatment,” he said, adding that “The venous treatment room receives patients who take antibiotics or other venous medicines. This room helped many patients to take their intravenous treatments at a time away from the overcrowding emergency departments. This room has reduced overcrowding at the emergency department and internal sections.”
The work is currently under way to operate Ras Laffan Hospital in the near future, which will contribute to reducing overcrowding at other hospitals, especially for the workers.
“Some of the times we face problems in communicating with them (workers) about fixing appointments. Many workers even don’t have health cards or phone numbers. This causes problem in communicating with them to follow up their treatment,” he said.
The Nursing Department conducts daily reports and follows up with the company in which the worker is employed and reviews the patient’s situation with the company’s representative.
“There are different nationalities within the nursing staff (India, the Philippines and Bangladesh). This helps us a lot,” he added.