Saturday, July 11, 2020
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Qatar a real friend of Palestinians: Envoy

Qatar a real friend of 
Palestinians: Envoy

Hisham Aljundi
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas arrived in Doha on Monday in an official visit to Qatar.
Abbas is expected to meet the Amir HH Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al Thani on Tuesday to discuss bilateral relations and the ways to enhance cooperation.
Qatar is providing all support to the Palestinian people who have been facing brutal Israeli aggression and violence.
“Qatar is a big supporter of the Palestinian people. This visit comes at a very critical time and in the context of Qatar’s generous support for Palestine recently. The visit aims to extend the coordination between the two leaders to tackle a financial blockade imposed by Israel,” Palestinian Ambassador to Qatar HE Mounir Abdullah Ghannam told Qatar Tribune.
The envoy said Qatar has recently announced financial aids for the Palestinian people to confront an offensive on the Palestinians, he added.
“We are now facing a conspiracy by Israel and some powers against us to dry up our financial resources. This visit is very important. Qatar is a real friend of the Palestinian people and is always there for them,” he added.
Earlier this month, Qatar had allocated nearly $500 million as financial aid for the Palestinians in Gaza Strip and the West Bank and urgent aids to support different sectors of the Palestinian government.