Monday, September 21, 2020
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Kabul election results announced almost 7 months after election

Nine women are among 33 lawmakers who will represent Kabul in parliament, Afghanistan’s Independent Election Commission (IEC) said on Wednesday, announcing the final results of the elections that took place almost seven months ago.
Results from Kabul province were the last to be announced due to repeated delays and invalidations of vote recounts ever since the October parliamentary election. Some disgruntled candidates who had been announced winners in previous results began protesting in front of the parliament and the commission buildings in Kabul days ahead of the announcement.
The Afghan Independent Electoral Complaints Commission (IECC) cancelled a recount of Kabul ballots on April 28, citing widespread fraud, and ordered a fresh recount.
That recount came after the commissioners of both commissions were dismissed in March and new commissioners selected in an effort to tackle allegations of inefficiencies and abuse of power. The IECC had in December also announced that all votes cast in Kabul were invalid due to major fraud and mismanagement by the IEC.
Many Afghan politicians have criticized the IEC’s slow pace.
Parliamentary elections took place on October 20 in 32 of Afghanistan’s 34 provinces. Due to security problems and organizational difficulties, voting took place a day later in 400 constituencies.
In the province of Kandahar, voting was delayed by a week after a deadly attack on the provincial chief of police.
In Kabul, 1.6 million people were registered to vote and around 1 million people across 558 polling stations cast their ballot over two days starting on October 20.