Wednesday, October 28, 2020
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German girl of Pakistani parents disappears in Islamabad

Islamabad: Police in Islamabad are conducting raids to trace the German-born teenage daughter of Pakistani parents who disappeared from her uncle’s house at the weekend, officials said on Wednesday.The parents, who live in Berlin, sent their daughter to live with her uncle in Pakistan three years ago, police officer Tanveer Magsi said.
The 19-year-old was scheduled to marry one of his cousins this year, said Magsi, who leads the police team trying to recover the girl. The family had lodged a complaint that the girl had been kidnapped, but the police suspect she might have fled to escape what would have been a forced marriage.
“We are looking into the aspect of forced marriage,” Magsi told dpa, as his team prepared to search a house on the margins of the city. The girl, who was born and raised in Germany, does not have Pakistani nationality and carries only a German passport. (dpa)