Thursday, March 4, 2021
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HBKU team and European experts discuss Islamic reform, modernity

HBKU team and European experts
discuss Islamic reform, modernity

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The College of Islamic Studies (CIS) at Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU) recently participated in a workshop on ‘Islamic Reform and Modernity’ held in collaboration with the Islamic University of Applied Science Rotterdam (IUR) – the only accredited Islamic university in Europe.
A delegation from CIS joined representatives from the universities of Utrecht and Leiden in the Netherlands and Central European University in Budapest, during which they addressed Modernity, Reform and Tajdid (Renovation).
The CIS delegation comprised Dr Hossam Mohamed, senior researcher at Al-Qaradawi Center for Islamic Reform and Renewal (QCIMR), which led the collaboration from CIS; Dr Muetaz al Khatib, assistant professor; and Chaoiki Lazhar, deputy director of the Center for Islamic Legislation (CILE) at CIS.
Papers on ‘Islamic Reform and Modern Nation State: A Critical Analysis’, ‘Ethics in the Context of Reform Movement in Modern Egypt’, and ‘The Function of Islamic Sciences: Towards a Benchmark for Reappraising Scriptural Sciences in the Modern Context’ were presented by Dr Hossam Mohamed, Dr Khatib and Lazhar, respectively.
Dr Hossam said, “CIS’s collaboration with IUR brought together academics from diverse backgrounds to provide reflections on major debates of modernity in connection with Islam and Muslim societies. Delegates – a mix of Muslim and non-Muslims – offered refreshing insights stemming from their unique areas of expertise, which will go on to inform future workshops and research.”
Delegates from other participating universities spoke on ‘Modernity, Reformation and Tajdid’, ‘Islam as a Source of Human Rights’, ‘Islamic Reform and Tajdid in the Era of Modernity: The Moroccan Experience’ and ‘Reform and the Concept of Jihad’. All research papers delivered during the workshop are to be published in a special edition of The Journal of Rotterdam Islamic and Social Science.
CIS regularly participates in local and international events, public lectures and conferences that aim to promote a deeper understanding of the various aspects of Islam. The QCIMR in particular aims to promote moderation and revival of Islamic thought through research, and address contemporary issues such as human rights, the status of women and family, environmental concerns, and so on through a moderate and enlightened understanding of Islam.
The college is also home to several other distinguished research centres that unite scholars and thought leaders from around the world.
HBKU is committed to fostering dialogue and discourse on complex issues and challenges facing the Qatari community and beyond. In doing so, it cultivates partnerships to align with modern-day needs.