Saturday, September 19, 2020
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Education ministry to hold training workshop on curriculum designing

THE Ministry of Education and Higher Education, in cooperation with the National Commission for Education, Culture, and Science and the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO), is organising a workshop entitled ‘Design, compilation, and evaluation of educational curricula and learning resources’.
The workshop revolves around several aspects: the educational standards and controls in the process of designing educational curricula and preparing and composing sources of learning; the principles and methodological controls in the evaluation and review of the curriculum; a review of recent international experiences in curriculum design; and the best global practices in the production of materials and educational media technology and investment to develop the skills of learners.
The workshop aims to develop the expertise and technical skills of the experts and officials involved in preparing educational curricula in the country by enhancing their scientific and practical knowledge.
It also seeks to introduce them to the latest international trends in the design, writing, evaluation and review of curricula.
After completing the training programme, the trainees will be able to evoke the basic concepts and principles for the design of educational curricula and sources of learning and the bases for their formation and use them in the national context.
Furthermore, it will bring up the latest international trends in the design, evaluation, review and improvement of educational curricula, taking into account the characteristics of the local educational environment and the foundations of the national educational philosophy.