Friday, July 10, 2020
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Alliance must not violate international law: FM

THE FM said, “There is some effort by the US to create a strategic alliance for the Middle East, and our position is clear about that. We cannot create a pact among four countries hostile to a fifth country. Before we address this problem, we have to face our people, who will ask us how to be allies with countries that have besieged us for 20 months?”
He added, “The idea of the alliance is fine as long as it does not violate international law, a defensive alliance built on each other’s capabilities and on the basis of cooperation, but we have to deal with the core of the problem before moving to the next level. We continue our meetings and participate constructively to form this alliance, but we have to address the actual problem first.
“The US is trying to resolve the Gulf crisis through good offices and President Trump has tried to send letters to the leaders of the blockading countries. There is no settlement yet,” he said, adding, “the relationship between Qatar and the US was not affected and we continue to enjoy a strengthened alliance”.
Sheikh Mohammed stressed the current situation would not prevent Qatar from helping the brothers in Palestine or providing assistance to the Syrian people, because this is in line with the principles and values of Qatar.
He said the Palestinian-Israeli conflict must be resolved in a just manner that comes with the rights of the Palestinians, pointing out that the Palestinian issue is the essence of the relationship between any Arab country and Israel. He stressed that the restoration of Palestinian rights is the only way to live peacefully.
On Oslo, he said: “It is impossible to hold a dialogue on an issue without including everyone. For example, if there is a problem with Iran, Tehran should be invited to the table. This is not what happened in Oslo.”
“Qatar has a relationship with the Palestinian people, and there is a legitimate government, the Palestinian Authority, and Qatar continues to support them,” he said.
On Qatar’s hosting of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, the FM said Qatar has accomplished many things with regard to labour reforms. “No other country in the region has made progress as we have achieved. We are always open to dialogue with international and human rights organisations. We welcome all international organisations to see the situation closely,” he added.