Tuesday, July 14, 2020
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Observe super moon in Qatar tomorrow

Observe super moon
in Qatar tomorrow

Tribune News Network
THE residents of Qatar will be able to witness the ‘super moon’ on Tuesday evening at 6:53pm (Doha local time), Qatar Calendar House (QCH) announced on Sunday.
During this cosmological phenomenon, the moon will be at its nearest point in its orbit around the earth, about 357,000 km from the earth’s centre, and will appear bigger and brighter than the normal full moon.
According to Dr Beshir Marzouk, an expert astronomer at QCH, the super moon and the illuminated area will appear approximately 14 percent and 30 percent larger than during a normal full moon.
Dr Marzouk added that the residents of Qatar and other Arab countries will have a good chance to observe the super moon all through the night with naked eyes.
Doha residents will be able to watch the celestial spectacle from moon rise time (5:22 pm) to moon set time (6:41 am) over the eastern horizon.
Super moon happened last time on January 2, 2018 and will take place again in March and April next year (2020).
This astronomical phenomenon is important because the Hijric calendar depends on the moon’s motion in its orbit around the earth.