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Tips for students and parents to get ready for examinations

Tips for students and parents 
to get ready for examinations

Tribune News Network
It’s that time of the year when students and their parents are having anxious time. Just a month before the CBSE board exams start, they must be equipped with certain skills and aptitude to face the forthcoming exams, eminent educationist and Principal of Birla Public School A P Sharma has said.
Stress is one of the body’s natural responses yet it’s not always harmful. If one can manage it intelligently it may create a sense of responsibility and motivation. Sometimes it creates a situation of “fight or flight”, he noted.
The adrenaline effect can be managed well if parents and students deal with it with caution and consider it quite natural, he said.
“From the kindergarten to grade 12, for a student, the academic journey is grueling and strenuous. They go through a maze of experiences, experiments, ordeals, heart burns, fear, anxieties and sniffles yet no one quits!”
Tests and examinations become part of their life. A series of tests through the year culminates in a year-end examination of a more serious nature that determines the child’s promotion or detention. The tribulations of the heart, mind and body continue through the succeeding years until the students finally sit for the final Board exam in grades 10 and 12, which become decisive in terms of the future career and growth.
“Over the years exams are known to create anxiety and fear. Of course, it’s a festival for a few, but only for very few. But on the whole, what I can tell parents and students is ‘don’t stress, do your best, forget the rest. The best view comes after the toughest climb’.”
Actually, when a student writes class 10 board exam the first time, the whole session (year-long) becomes a matter of great concern. Everybody in society, such as family and school, keeps reminding them they are going to take the most crucial exam of their life at the end of academic session. The student has to face various restrictions on his daily routine, especially related to entertainment, games, and gossips and sometimes on diet too, he pointed out.
“The students become an object and center of attention of the whole family and everyone in the family, even visitors, proffer a plethora of advice and hold out a lot of expectation,” Sharma noted.
“Many parents also go through the same problem when their ward is taking the Board exam. Rather, most of the time they seem more nervous, and of course, become very concerned. We see many scenes of great concern outside the exam center where parents hugging children, consoling them and some of them with drops of tears rolling down the face.”
Hence, both students and parents seek proper
guidance to deal with this marathon of emotional stress and concern.