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Two Qatari designers set to debut in ‘New York Fashion Week 2019’

Two Qatari designers set to debut 
in ‘New York Fashion Week 2019’

Tribune News Network
Qatari labels Harlienz and Ghada Al Buainain Jewellery will be participating in the annual international fashion event to be held in New York from February 7 to 13, it was announced by Manjulakshmi Bharathan, the sole authorised consultant and show producer for the New York Fashion Week 2019 (NYFW’19) in Qatar.
This will be the first time that two originally Qatari brands will debut at the New York Fashion Week, one of the four recognised international fashion events.
The brands will take part under the Collaborative Show category of Debut Designers on February 12 at Pier59 Studios in New York.
Manjulakshmi, who was the first designer from Qatar to showcase last year at the NYFW and a professor at Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts in Qatar, said: “The Qatari fashion scene is full of budding talent. Through my continuous work with young designers, I have seen design brands that deserve to be highlighted on a global platform. Along with the NYFW, we will be taking Qatari fashion brands to the forefront of the international fashion scene.”
In 2013, Haya al Adsani established the label Harlienz with a desire to use apparels as a visual outlet for her travel inspirations. Haya’s artistic vision and refreshing aesthetic sense has speedily attracted the attention of the fashion society in Qatar, positioning Harlienz as one of Qatar’s leading contemporary fashion brands. Haya’s breezy staples and versatile pieces evoke the Far Eastern minimalistic ideologies and her collections are worn by an international portfolio of well-heeled clienteles.
On the other hand, Ghada Al Buainain is a new jewellery brand founded by designer Ghada Rashid al Buainain, whose unconventional perception of jewellery is what makes this brand so distinctive. The label is renowned for urban, peerless pieces featuring unconventional materials drawn from regional revelations.
Commenting on her participation in the NYFW 2019 and her designs, Buainan said: “Our designs are inspired by the beauty of everyday objects. As a designer, I believe in the transformative power of jewellery, a feeling that has been reciprocated by my brand clients. It is certainly time for us to go international and to represent Qatar.”
Haya al Adsani said: “We have been working endlessly on nurturing our brands. It is now the right moment to show the world the real artistic sense lurking in the region. Our brands were well-received locally and we have come a very long way; it is now time to present ourselves to a global audience.”