Friday, July 10, 2020
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12 boys paraded semi-nude in premises of govt company

Bhandara (Maharashtra)
In a barbaric form of punishment, at least a dozen young boys were caught and allegedly paraded semi-nude inside the premises of a prestigious central government company on January 3, a top police official said here on Friday.
The incident came to light on Friday, after a video-clip of the incident went viral, shocking the people and prompting the police to launch a preliminary inquiry into the incident.
On January 3, the boys were caught for alleged theft by the security personnel of the Manganese Ore India Ltd (MOIL), a centrally-owned mining company categorised as a “Mini Ratna”, with mines spread across Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh in central India. The boys were then ordered to strip to their undergarment by the security men who surrounded them and paraded around the company’s main gate in chilling single-digit winter temperature.
The security personnel in warm protective gears were seen ordering the traumatised boys to do sit-ups, rolling on the cold ground, jumping up with their hands crossed behind, running around in circles and other forms of punishment while some unidentified people were busy filming the episode on their mobile phones.