Monday, June 27, 2022
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at Katara

The Cultural Village Foundation (Katara) is organising the Roqaa Arabic calligraphy workshop by Syrian calligrapher Nasser al Hamwi from May 26 to 28.
Hamwi said the workshop will provide opportunities for beginners interested in Arabic calligraphy and help them discover this art through Roqaa Arabic calligraphy.
The Syrian calligrapher said in a statement on Monday that the workshop is based on practical exercises aimed at demonstrating how to compose Roqaa clipped letters made of short, straight lines and simple curves as well as its straight and even lines of text in a grammatically correct, beautiful, balanced and coordinated manner.
The workshop will give the participants a historical background on the Roqaa style, the traditional Arabic calligraphy tools and their uses. Roqaa is a calligraphic variety of Arabic script.
Roqaa style of handwriting is the most common type of handwriting. It is also known as Ottoman Font in Turkey. Most documents from Ottoman era are written in Roqaa.