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STEM teacher
training meet held

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The 7th Annual Exploring ICT in Education Conference was opened by Hissa al Aali, Director of Training and Educational Development Centre at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, held at the College of the North Atlantic - Qatar (CNA-Q) on Saturday.
The conference was attended by Dr Khalid al Horr, Director of the Higher Education Institute and member of CNA-Q's Joint Oversight Board, and sponsored by Maersk Oil Qatar.
Attended by more than 500 teachers from schools across Qatar, the event is one of the largest professional development conferences in the country. The theme this year is 'Using ICT to enhance STEM skills in schools', featuring more than 50 workshops in a range of areas, including 'Using robotics in education', 'Teaching smart with interactive web tools', 'Making learning fun with technology' and 'Creative Assessment Techniques through Technology'.
Moza al Naimi, Head of Qatarisation at Maersk Oil Qatar, said:"In the past five years, Maersk Oil Qatar has become one of the largest private sector sponsors of STEM education in Qatar. Our investments are designed to bring meaningful long-term benefits to Qatar for generations to come by supporting student and teacher development, and investing in new technologies for schools and universities."
Dr Ken MacLeod, president of CNA-Q, said,"We know the value of engaging students in STEM at an early age. Research shows that teachers and engaging teaching methodologies can have a significant impact on students' interest and success in STEM subjects. The Exploring ICT in Education Conference provides Qatar's teachers with high-quality STEM activities and opportunities to share best practices that will impact teachers' ability to engage students in STEM subjects. STEM is at the heart of what we do at CNA-Q. We teach technological skills and STEM programmes ensure students are ready to be successful in the increasingly technology-rich workplace of Qatar. We feel a sense of pride, and certainly a sense of duty, in hosting the 7th Annual Exploring ICT in Education Conference."
Over the past number of years, we have worked very closely with Maersk Oil Qatar, who share our goals of improving educational practices related to STEM and encouraging more young Qataris to choose STEM-related careers. We are confident that the projects on which we have collaborated, such as Exploring ICT in Education conference and the Go Robot project, will have a lasting and significant effect on the human capital needed to contribute to the goals of the Qatar National Vision 2030."
Among the participants is Maersk Oil Qatar's Teach for Qatar Fellow Mohammed Abdulrahman al Janahi, who teaches at Al-Ahnaf Bin Qais Independent Preparatory School. Mohammed was seconded to the school from Maersk Oil Qatar in 2014 and will be delivering a series of workshops on 'Creating engaging media for the classroom'.
The workshop is drawn from his experience in applying his innovative teaching techniques in mathematics to inspire his students. During his time at Al-Ahnaf Bin Qais, his pupils' grades saw a noticeable improvement, much of which he puts down to being able to engage through fun and inspiring interaction and application of technology.