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Niger honour for Qatar Charity efforts

Tribune News Network
The chief of Corie municipality in Niger honoured Qatar Charity (QC) for its efforts in developing the region. QC has been involved in rehabilitation work since 2008- 2015.
The honouring event took place in Corie, 70km from capital Niamey. Amiro Hamed, county chief; Hamadu Salivo, mayor; Hima Amadu, deputy mayor; and Hassan Eissa, secretary-general, attended the event.
QC has spent QR3,463,413 for developing Corie region. It has helped improve living standards of residents through income-generating projects.
As part of its Benevolent Loans Program, QC implemented multiple projects, including supplying grain banks with 606 tonnes of grains, distributing 3,749 sheep and 580 cows, offering sewing machines and backing 72 small business projects. It also distributed seeds and manure.
QC implemented projects such as a health centre in Babussai village, provided six artisan aquifers with manual pumps and two artisan aquifers with a tank, built five mosques and a Quran memorisation centre.
QC first implemented a food security programme in Niger in the beginning of 2007. It was launched because of the food crises it faced due to drought. A total of 800,000 people benefited from the programme, which focused mainly on income-generating projects.
In 2015, QC drilled 70 wells in Niger, providing drinking water to 35,750 families and their cattle at a cost of QR2,500,000. A sum of QR248,160,000 was donated for supporting orphans.