Monday, June 27, 2022
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QC builds 116 houses for flood-hit Niger families

Qatar Charity (QC) has built 116 houses for poor families hit by floods in Niger.
A total of 812 people benefited from the project worth QR4,500,000.
The project was launched by QC after the heavy rains of 2011 and the subsequent floods that hit the city, washing away clay houses and leaving thousands homeless.
The beneficiaries thanked the philanthropists from Qatar for their generous support through which QC was able to build these houses.
The project helped alleviate their suffering and met their needs. In addition, the beneficiaries were happy to receive urgent food aid and clothes from QC and other charity organisations.
Meanwhile, QC has continued to implement its agricultural projects to achieve food security. It signed a partnership agreement with Food and Agriculture Organisation in Niger to implement the planting of vegetables project for the years 2015 and 2016, which has so far benefited 3000 people in Niger.
Through this project, it distributed 313.18 kgs of vegetables seeds, one tonne of potato seeds and 10.85 tonnes of corn seeds among farmers. The total amount of seeds was 11 tonnes and 266 kgs and its distribution cost $43,500 and $9,301. (TNN)