Wednesday, May 25, 2022
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Transgenders cast vote in Kerala for first time

In a historic moment for the transgender community in Kerala, two persons of the 'third gender' on Monday voted in the assembly elections.
Surya, a mimicry artist and Suji, the only two to be listed as 'third gender' in the state electoral roll, said this was an exciting moment for them as the society has acknowledged their community.
This is the first time that third gender figures in the state electoral roll. Hailing from the state capital, Surya, a known mimicry artist in comedy shows in television channels, exercised her franchise at a booth in Vattiyoorkkavu constituency here while Suji voted in Nattika in Thrissur.
Expressing happiness over it, Surya, once a man who underwent a sex-change surgery and became a woman a year ago, said it was significant moment not only for her but also for every transgender in the state.
"I am extremely happy. I consider my vote as a proof for the society's recognition of the transgender society," she told reporters. She also expressed hope that more transgenders would come out and obtain their voter's identity cards to exercise their voting rights in the coming elections."I am excited to cast vote as a third gender," Suji said.