Saturday, May 30, 2020
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Qatar reiterates interest in promoting rights of elderly

QATAR has reaffirmed its interest in promoting the rights of older persons based on fundamental principles, including the religious duty and cultural values, that emphasise the reverence and protection of the elderly as well as the promotion of their rights.
This came in Qatar's statement delivered by Second Secretary at Qatar's Permanent Delegation to the UN in Geneva Abdulla Khalifa al Suwaidi before the 39th session of the Human Rights Council.
Al Suwaidi said social exclusion affects the quality of life as well as cohesion and integration of older persons in the society. He said the promotion and protection of the rights of older persons have two aspects: one is a moral and value aspect that is to recognise the older persons' contributions, capacities and rights to live in dignity and independently, while the other is a material one that is to provide adequate resources that respond to the special needs of the older persons.
Al Suwaidi pointed out that Qatar's interest in the rights of older persons is based on fundamental principles. He said:"Convinced that the family constitutes the natural environment for the life of any person, the State has devoted attention to building a strong and cohesive family which remains the pillar of the protection and promotion of the rights of all its members, in particular the older persons."
He pointed out that Qatar has passed legislations guaranteeing the elderly all rights such as social security, housing, work and legal protection. Moreover, it established specialised institutions, topped by the Centre for Elderly Empowerment & Care (Ehsan) of the Qatar Foundation for Social Work which provides the older persons with health, social and psychological services through a variety of programmes, including residential care, day care, mobile home care and aftercare, he said.
Al Suwaidi pointed out that the centre has recently carried out an awareness campaign in schools, institutions and youth centres to educate about the rights and needs of older persons. Besides, social media is being used to promote solidarity between generations and fulfil the primary purpose of empowering older persons and integrating them into the society, which will help them enjoy a dignified, secure and productive life, he added. (QNA)