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Timeline of
Gulf crisis

f1'dcf0 On June 5, 2017, Saudi Arabia and its allies Bahrain, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) announce almost simultaneously that they are severing diplomatic ties with Qatar.
f1'dcf0 On June 22 the Saudi-led bloc sends Qatar a list of 13 demands, which include shutting down its Al Jazeera media network, curbing relations with Iran and closing a Turkish military base it hosts. They give Qatar 10 days to comply.
After a two-day extension, Qatar says on July 4 the list is"unrealistic and is not actionable".
Saudi Arabia and its allies threaten new sanctions.
f1'dcf0 In June Doha inks a $12-billion (10.4 billion euro) deal to buy US-made F-15 fighter jets.
f1'dcf0 On July 25 they unveil a"terrorist"blacklist of 18 groups and individuals suspected of links to Islamist extremists and to Qatar.
The blacklist later grows to include almost 90 names.
f1'dcf0 On September 9 Saudi Arabia suspends any dialogue with Qatar.
f1'dcf0 In early December, it finalises contracts with France worth more than $13 billion, including the purchase of 12 French-built fighter jets and 50 Airbus passenger planes.
It also concludes a $8 billion deal with Britain to buy 24 Typhoon fighters.
f1'dcf0 In January 2018, it approves legislation allowing 100-percent foreign ownership in most sectors of its economy.
f1'dcf0 In January Qatar says fighter jets from the UAE, one of the boycotting countries, violated its airspace in December and early January.
The UAE later accuses Qatari fighter jets of"intercepting"two Emirati passenger planes en route to Bahrain, drawing a swift denial from Doha. Both sides complain to the UN.
f1'dcf0 On April 10, US President Donald Trump receives the Amir of Qatar, calling him"a friend of mine"and a"gentleman."