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Paper into dollars? Two men held in Qatar for trying to con people in ‘wash wash’ scam

  • May 19, 2022
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The police in Qatar have arrested two men who tried to con money out of their victims in what is globally known as “black money” or “wash wash” scam.
According to reports of similar scams carried out elsewhere in the world, the con job typically hinges on convincing the victims that a wad of banknote-sized paper is real money that has been defaced to avoid detection by customs authorities. The victim is then persuaded to pay for a chemical to wash the “money”, with promises that he or she will share in the spoils.
Qatar’s Ministry of Interior on Thursday said the men — identified only as African nationals — were caught red-handed in a trap set-up by a special police team.
A large number of “black notes” in the size of US dollars and certain chemical solutions, a powdered material and an assortment of tools were seized from them.
The men admitted to carrying out the scam, the ministry said, adding that they have been referred to competent authorities for further action.