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Mall of Qatar gives away second batch of cars to winners of ‘Pick & Choose’ shopping festival

  • Dec 01, 2020
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The Mall of Qatar management on Tuesday handed over four new cars to winners in the "Pick & Choose" shopping festival, in a special handover ceremony attended by Mall of Qatar management team along with media representatives. 
The lucky winners took home four premium cars — Ysamel Montoya won a BMW 218i, Mohammed Al Dosari won a BMW X2,  Fahed Daoud Dehnim won Mini Cooper, and Saad Mohamad Al Marri won a BMW 320i.


With the handover of the second batch, Mall of Qatar has given away seven cars, with another 12 cars left including two grand prizes that will be announced on December 10, on the mall's fifth anniversary, and on December 18, on the occasion of Qatar National Day.
Mall of Qatar General Manager Emile Sarkis congratulated the winners, commenting, "Today, Mall of Qatar has delivered the second batch of cars to the winners. We extend our warm congratulations and thank them for their loyalty and trust. The prizes will not stop here, as we are looking forward to announcing more surprises on December 10, on the fifth anniversary of Nation’s Mall, Qatar's distinctive landmark and favourite shopping destination."
Giving more customers a chance to win, Mall of Qatar added 10 weekly prizes that allow participants win Mall of Qatar Gift Card worth QR5000, QR3000, QR2000 and QR1000. The draw of those prizes will take place every week immediately after the car draw.
“Due to the customers’ turnout, we wanted to make more people happy. That’s why we added 10 weekly prizes as Mall of Qatar Gift cards. People who are not lucky to win the car, still have chances to win valuable prizes which they can spend any time in the mall. This truly reflects the Nation’s Mall social responsibility”.


The lucky winners expressed their happiness by thanking Mall of Qatar for its community initiatives. 
Fahed Daoud Dehnim, winner of a Mini Cooper, is a regular Mall of Qatar customer stated, "The shopping festival is a tremendous well-organized campaign. It has revived the mall footfall and activity again. I thank God and the Mall of Qatar for winning this valuable award, which comes as an appreciation for its customer's loyalty. Mall of Qatar has always been my favourite shopping destination and what it currently offers is a great value-added to its ongoing achievements." 
Mohammed Al Dosari, the winner of the BMW X2, said, "I would like to thank Mall of Qatar management for organizing such a campaign with premium prizes, which shows how the mall values its customers with high-end awards. I would also like to thank the Qatar Ministry of Commerce & Industry for their significant role and authenticity during the raffle draw, and this is what we always expect from our respected institutions. I would also like to thank Mall of Qatar management and employees for their professionalism and dedicated customer services." 
Saad Mohamad Al Marri, who drove away with the BMW 320i, is another regular customer of the Mall. He expressed his thanks and appreciation to the Mall of Qatar for its tremendous efforts to serve and satisfy its customers. He stated, "I would like to thank Mall of Qatar for organizing such an excellent, distinguished festival and for always attaining their customer's satisfaction and making them their top priority. I am pleased about winning such a valuable award, which came as a surprise. We will continue visiting the mall regularly, which has always been our first and top destination."
The 'Pick and Choose" festival is the biggest shop and win festival in Qatar, allowing customers to win 20 fascinating cars during the festival months.  It offers customers more flexible options to choose their favourite car and the date of the weekly draw till the end of the campaign on January 14, 2021. Till date, 8 weekly draws have taken place, whereas twelve cars are still available for the weekly draws and grand prizes.


Mall of Qatar visitors will need to buy a gift card of a minimum value of QR300 and shop later or spend QAR 300 or more in any of the Mall outlets to be eligible for the weekly raffle draw. Also, customers who buy Gifts Card's worth QR500 or spend QAR500 or more will be entitled to participate in the grand prize raffle draw to win one of the two luxury cars in December. Customers can redeem their receipts with coupons from the Mall customer service desks and will have the opportunity to select the car and the week of the raffle drawing they wish to participate in to win through the "Pick and Choose." Designated raffle draw boxes have been installed at all the customer service. Customers can track the number of raffle participants in each box to have better information for making their decision. 
Pick & Choose festival includes twenty BMW's and Mini Cooper's. The weekly raffle draw will occur every Thursday at the Oasis stage. The two grand prize draws for the two luxury BMWs will take place on December 10 on the Mall's anniversary, and on December 18 on the occasion of Qatar National Day.