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Law regulating health services will improve healthcare in public and private sectors: MOPH

  • May 18, 2022
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The Minister of Public Health announced today that the draft executive regulations for law no. 22 for 2021 regulating health services in the State of Qatar, which came into effect this month, aims to enhance health services in the public and private sectors.
The cabinet had approved the draft executive regulations, which included detailed provisions for the aforementioned law.
The Ministry of Public Health said that making health insurance mandatory as part of the law means that all residents and visitors must have health insurance through the insurance companies registered by the Ministry of Public Health to provide them with basic health services.
To ensure the implementation of the law, the ministry said that it will follow a phased approach; with the first phase focusing on visitors, in line with certain provisions and measures that will be announced later.
The Ministry of Public Health stressed that implementing a health insurance system will help enhance competitiveness in providing healthcare, including the increase of the participation of insurance companies in supporting the states healthcare sector.