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Ministry of Labour launches new website

  • May 15, 2022
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Minister of Labour Dr. Ali bin Smaikh Al Marri inaugurated on Sunday the official website of the ministry.
He said the launch of the new website comes within the ministry's vision to enhance the digital transformation of all the services it provides to the public, leading to paperless services, which facilitates the delivery of services electronically quickly and accurately.
The website contains many sections introducing the tasks and functions of the Ministry of Labor and its affiliated sectors and departments, in addition to a legislative window aimed at raising public awareness of the latest developments in the work environment in the State of Qatar.
The new website is an electronic portal for many of the services that the ministry provides to the public. With its inauguration, it provides about 43 services and electronic forms as a first stage. It also facilitates searches to obtain the required information or service, in addition to the media centre that highlights the most important news and events of the ministry.
The services were structured, arranged and categorized on the website, which enables users to access the service easily and quickly, knowing that the home page contains the most used services with the option of categorizing the services provided to companies and individuals.
The new website of the Ministry of Labour provides laws, decisions and legislations that will regulate the labour sector, and it also allows the user to evaluate the quality of service and submit proposals aimed at improving the service.