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Driving slow in high-speed lane is a punishable offence in Qatar

  • May 15, 2022
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Driving slow in a high-speed lane amounts to obstruction of traffic and is a punishable offence, the Assistant Director of the Traffic Awareness Department has said.
Lt. Col. Jaber Muhammad Odaiba told Al Sharq newspaper that the left-most lane in a highway is an express lane, where vehicles are not supposed to be driven below a prescribed speed.
Driving slowly in this lane, without giving way to other vehicles, is considered a violation of Article 53 of the Traffic Law, he said.
However, he reminded drivers not to go beyond the maximum speed limit unless required for an emergency. Police, ambulance, firefighting and rescue vehicles are exempted from the speed limit and so are private vehicles transporting sick or injured persons in a critical condition, he said. Not giving such vehicles way despite repeated indications (by way of flashing headlights or blinking hazard lights) in the express lane is a violation of the law, he said.
Such violations can attract fines starting from QR500, or more according to the type of the violation, the report quoted Lt. Col. Odaiba as saying.