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Toyota confirms four-year wait for new Land Cruiser in Japan

  • Jan 22, 2022
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Toyota has warned customers in Japan that they will have to wait for up to four years to take delivery of its new Land Cruiser SUV.
The world's biggest carmaker says the delay is not related to the global chip shortage or the supply chain crisis.
Last year, there was a rumour that Toyota had so many orders for the new Land Cruiser that there was a four-year wait to fulfill the current demand. Now, the automaker is confirming the long wait by putting an apology on the Japanese site for the SUV.
Here is a translation of the message: "Thank you very much for considering and ordering our vehicles. The Land Cruiser has been very well received in Japan and around the world. We sincerely apologize that it will take a long time to deliver the Land Cruiser to you after you place an order. We sincerely apologize for this.
"If you place an order now, the delivery time may be up to 4 years. We will do our utmost to shorten the delivery time for our customers. We appreciate your understanding in this matter."
Within just a couple of months of launching the new Land Cruiser, Toyota already reported that there was so much demand that the wait times were going to be about a year. Since then, even more people have apparently expressed interest in the new SUV.
The new Land Cruiser isn't coming to America. With four years worth of demand, it doesn't seem like the company has much incentive to change that decision. However, the Lexus LX goes on sale in the US in the first quarter of 2022.