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Amir underlines Qatar's achievements in address to first session of elected Shura Council

  • Oct 26, 2021
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Still, a lot needs to be done to diversify income sources, but task not confined to the state, says Amir
The Amir HH Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani has congratulated the Shura Council members for winning the voters’ confidence, and their memberships, as he underlined Qatar's achievements in a comprehensive review of the country’s domestic and foreign policies.
Addressing the first session of the elected Shura Council on Tuesday, the Amir said Qatar has succeeded in achieving several goals in the previous year and this year.
“In the field of food security, we have made great strides towards self-sufficiency in a number of food commodities as a result of the initiatives undertaken by the state to support the production and marketing of these commodities. 
“Production and import operations were also facilitated, storage capacity was generally enhanced, and the strategic goods stockpile was secured.”
In the field of economic diversification, he said legislative amendments were introduced to facilitate commercial transactions, enhance competition, protect the consumer, encourage industrial investment, increase direct foreign investment by allowing foreign investors to own 100 percent of some companies’ capital, and support the competitiveness of national products.
The local industries' contribution to the GDP rose to fourth place, pointed out the Amir.
“There is still a lot to do by the state in the field of diversifying the sources of income. But the task is not confined to the state, as the private sector has also a role here as well.”
In the field of the financial and banking sector, and despite the global and regional shocks in the past years, this sector has shown tenacity in countering them, the Amir said.
“The Qatar Central Bank was able to maintain the international reserves growth and sustain the Qatari riyal exchange rate, and Qatar has maintained its high credit rating with international credit institutions and a stable outlook for its economy.”
Qatar occupies a notable position and high ranks in some important components of global competitiveness indicators such as low unemployment rate, annual inflation rate, financing technical development, cybersecurity, sustainable development, and others, he said.
“With regard to the energy sector, Qatar Petroleum name was changed to Qatar Energy, reflecting an actual Qatari adoption of the transition towards clean and renewable energy.”
The Amir said Qatar was working on two spheres in this regard — increasing liquefied natural gas production, and reducing the emissions resulting from its production by using state-of-the-art technologies, and contributing to the development and use of solar energy.
“The country pays special attention to protecting the environment by issuing the necessary legislations in this regard, promoting awareness of the importance of the environment in our day-to-day lives, recycling scrap and harmful waste, monitoring air and seawater quality, and providing financial incentives to companies presenting projects that preserve the environment and counter the climate change,” he said.

‘Historic moment’
Addressing the Shura Council, the Amir said, “I would like to extend my sincere congratulations to you for winning the voters' confidence and the membership of the Council.
“We are all aware of the significance of this historic moment in which we witness the completion of the institutions stipulated in the constitution by establishing the elected legislative authority along with the executive and judicial authorities.
“I am also confident that you are aware of the great national responsibility that rests on your shoulders upon carrying out your legislative duties and consolidating cooperation with the Council of Ministers to achieve the country’s higher interests.
“On this occasion, I do not miss to laud the role assumed by the previous Advisory Council and the experience it accumulated, including its embodiment of a form of popular participation in terms of legislation, expression of responsible opinion and sincere advice, through which it provided the best assistance for the government in carrying out its tasks in various fields, thus leaving behind a legacy to be guided by when your esteemed council carries out its duties.
In this respect, I do not also miss to refer to the excellent course of the electoral process, the distinguished and perfect organization, and the civilized atmosphere which prevailed therein.”