Thursday, October 21, 2021

Huge quantity of rotten frozen fish seized from Industrial Area warehouse

  • Oct 14, 2021
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A large quantity of what appears to be rotten frozen fish has been seized by municipal authorities during a raid in one of the warehouses in Industrial Area.
The Doha Municipality, which organised the raid, said the fish was “unfit for human consumption” and the packets that contained them were unlabelled.
The raid was carried out by the health and municipal control departments, in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior, and is part of a broader campaign, which saw a series of inspections on places of preparation, storage and packaging of foodstuffs. The campaign seeks to detect violations such as unsanitary practises, packing hot meals in bags that do not conform to standard specifications, and using expired foodstuffs
In October, the department’s inspectors carried out 1,650 raids, detected 55 violations, issued and implemented seven administrative closure decisions. As many as 65 samples were withdrawn from various food establishments to ensure their suitability for human consumption.