Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Why do some people get 'Covid toe'?

  • Oct 06, 2021
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Scientists believe they can explain why some people who catch Covid develop chilblain-like lesions on their toes and even fingers
Getting infected with Covid is bad enough. But some of the patients also complain of lesions on their toes and fingers. For some, these lesions are painless but for others they are painful and itchy. This has come to be commonly known as Covid toe.
Scientists have now shed more light on this side effect associated with Covid infection. They have pinpointed why such a condition occurs. They found that it has to do with immune system of our body.
These lesions are caused due to our body going in attack mode to counter the Covid infection. Two components of our immune system lead to formation of these lesions.
One is an antiviral protein called type 1 interferon. The other causative agent is a type of antibody that mistakenly attacks a person's own cells and tissues in addition to acting against the Covid infection.
People suffering from Covid toe, may witness that their toe skin is getting red or even purple. This may also develop into painful bumps.
Researchers at University of Paris carried out this research. For this, they examined 50 people who were suspected of having Covid toe. The patients were examined in the spring of 2020. Thirteen other patients with similar chilblains lesions were examined but these infections were not linked to Covid.
The study has been published in British Journal of Dermatology.