Saturday, September 18, 2021

Taliban kill 20 civilians in Panjshir: Report

  • Sep 15, 2021
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Following the Taliban’s takeover of the Panjshir Valley, amid reports of continued resistance, the group is believed to be killing civilians. According to a BBC report citing evidence of Taliban killings, at least 20 civilians are believed to have been killed.
The report cites footage from Panjshir where a man wearing military camouflage is shot dead by the Taliban fighter surrounding him—and a bystander in the video says he was a civilian. BBC says it was common for people to wear combat uniforms in the area.
Reporting in the valley is almost nonexistent due to severe restrictions.
The report says another victim was a shopkeeper accused of selling sim cards to resistance fighters, who told the Taliban he was just a “poor shop owner” who had nothing to do with the war. His body was later dumped near his house and showed signs of torture, the BBC said citing witnesses.