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Separated from family in Kabul and flown to Qatar alone, Afghan boy reunited with father in Canada

  • Sep 14, 2021
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A three-year-old Afghan boy, who was separated from his family while trying to flee Kabul, has reunited with his father in Canada after getting stranded in Qatar alone for a few weeks.
He was separated from his mother and siblings in last month’s suicide bombing at the Kabul airport that killed 169 civilians and 13 US soldiers. The three-year-old was evacuated to Qatar along with hundreds of other Afghan citizens on August 28, while his mother and the rest of the family got stuck in Afghanistan.
Canada's The Globe and Mail said the boy — for whom its uses a pseudonym, Ali — travelled on a 14-hour flight from the Hamad International Airport to Toronto’s Pearson Airport on Monday where he was received by his father in Ontario, who hadn’t seen him for two years.
"Ali was our special guest for the past few weeks after he was separated from his mother during the Kabul airport explosion,” HE Lolwah Rashid Al Khater said in a tweet on Tuesday.
Qatar has sought the help of the United Nations to reunite Ali with his family.
“Working with the Canada embassy, we identified his father & they’ve been reunited. Best of luck Ali, we will all miss you here, we hope you come back 2 visit," HE Khater added in the tweet.


Ali’s evacuation would never have been happened if it wasn’t for a 17-year-old who kept him out of the chaos during the airport explosion, Qatari Foreign Ministry was quoted as saying in the Canadian media.
The boy, who saw a child in the midst of the panic and crowd, acted heroically under difficult circumstances and decided to take responsibility for the child even though he was himself a minor, a report said.