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Barwa Village and its expansion enrich real estate market

  • Jul 31, 2021
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The development strike full balance between needs of tenants and visitors, and the commercial ambitions of retail outlets
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The Barwa Real Estate Group has consistently actively contributed to the development of commercial and multi-use enterprises that offer housing solutions and commercial and administrative spaces that meet the expectations of all users, at competitive prices and high quality. These efforts are reflected in the Barwa Village Project, which fully balances the needs of tenants and visitors with the commercial aspirations of retail outlets. In addition to realizing the vision and strategic plan of the Group in supporting and providing the real estate market with sustainable projects in keeping with all the changes, where the development of this vital project in Al-Wakra City was completed in 2010, to compensate for the buildings and shops that have been removed in the Doha region with a view to their development.
Barwa Village Components
The Barwa village was built on 400,000 square meters of land, in accordance with the highest global standards, and with designs inspired by the local heritage of the State, making it an integrated city that provides all modern and comfortable lifestyles for residents, traders and visitors. The constructed area of the village is 186,000 square meters, consisting of 18 residential and commercial complexes. These complexes offer 918 high-quality shops and various activities, 96 studio apartments, 262 one-bedroom apartments and 100 two-bedroom apartments. The village includes a health club, an international school, a nursery, a medical clinic, a shopping Centre, shops and workshops, as well as many service facilities such as a mosque, restaurants, parking lots and green spaces.
Barwa Village Expansion
In view of the success of the project in achieving its objectives and in meeting the growing demand for its commercial, administrative and residential units and spaces, the Barwa Real Estate Group has added a new phase to the village of Barwa with a view to expanding it through the development of an additional building, with global specifications and quality, spanning 11,094 square meters of land, with a construction area of up to 34,492 square meters. The Barwa Village Expansion Project contains 71 commercial units to meet the needs of restaurants, shops, fairs and retail outlets, as well as 177 condominiums with diverse spaces, as well as hypermarket.
Occupation ratios and services that met expectations 
To achieve the real estate integration in Barwa real estate projects, Waseef, a subsidiary of Barwa Real Estate, is one of the leading assets, property and facility management services companies, manages and expands Barwa Village and “Waseef” provides various services 24/7 a week. These services include security and safety, hygiene and periodic maintenance of facilities and equipment, as well as the provision of integrated services to commercial projects to which companies and enterprises are looking to expand their operations in the village of Barwa and increase profits, with a view to achieving a sustainable environment that meets the requirements of the beneficiaries of inhibiters and traders, as well as visitors and guests. The rate of rental of apartments in the expansion of the village of Barwa reached 96% and 72% in the shops; while the rate of rental of apartments in the village of Barwa reached 87% and 88% for the shops. 
Strategic location
The strategic location of the village of Barwa adds many attractive features at the commercial and residential level, as it is linking to a modern network of highways and main roads, as well as to modern and multiple transport facilities such as the Doha Metro and the public transport means, which help to provide smooth, safe and flexible traffic for the arrival of visitors from all regions, in addition to its proximity to the most important service development facilities in the State, such as Hamad international airport and Hamad Port. 
A portfolio rich in commercial and multi-use enterprises
It should be noted that the village of Barwa and its expansion take over 41% of Barwa Real Estate's assets in commercial and multi-use enterprises, which represent an area of 336,552 square meters and constitute about 15% of the Group's diverse real estate assets.