Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Lifting of COVID-19 curbs: Phase 3 to continue, says MOPH

  • Jul 29, 2021
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The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) has announced the continuation of Phase 3 of the gradual lifting of COVID-19 restrictions imposed due to the pandemic.
In a statement, the MoPH said the ministry continues to monitor key performance indicators to ensure a balance between the continuity of providing protection to the population on the one hand and restoring social and economic life to normal, on the other hand.
The ministry called on all people who are eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccination and have not yet been vaccinated, to take the initiative to receive the vaccination as soon as possible so that they can protect themselves, members of their families and members of society from the dangers of this disease and to contribute to the speedy return to normal life.