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Qatar exempts unvaccinated children below 18 from hotel quarantine in travel policy update

  • Jul 09, 2021
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Story amended to reflect latest updates
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All unvaccinated minors who are Qatari citizens, residents or GCC nationals are exempt from hotel quarantine if their parents are fully vaccinated with an MOPH-approved vaccine, according to the latest update to a new travel policy coming into effect on Monday (July 12).
This is a departure from the original policy announced on Thursday, which made hotel quarantine mandatory for unvaccinated children aged 12 to 17. No hotel quarantine was required for unvaccinated minors aged below 11, if their parents are fully vaccinated. 
The updated policy has now eliminated the need for hotel quarantine for the older age-group of unvaccinated minors with resident or GCC status, but prescribes home quarantine of varying periods, depending on the country of departure.
Unvaccinated minors up to 11 years from green-list countries have no quarantine obligation; those aged 11 to 17 must quarantine at home for five days. All unvaccinated minors aged below 18 and from yellow-list countries have to home-quarantine for seven days. A 10-day home-quarantine applies to the same age group from red-list countries. 

Visiting children
Visiting minors aged up to 11 accompanied by their fully-vaccinated parents from green-list countries are exempt from quarantine. Seven-day home quarantine applies to the same age-group of arrivals from yellow-list countries, while no unvaccinated minor is allowed entry from the red-list countries.  
The hotel quarantine exemption is also extended to vaccinated individuals who received their second dose in Qatar and have not completed the specified period of 14 days from the date of the second dose. They are also required to remain in home quarantine for seven days, or until they complete the duration of 14 days following the second dose, whichever is shorter.
Unvaccinated individuals aged 75 and above can also choose to go on home quarantine, with one escort from the same household.
This applies to pregnant women returning to the country with their vaccinated husbands, or a vaccinated relative from the same household and lactating mothers and their infants aged 2 years and below returning to the country with their vaccinated husbands or a vaccinated relative from the same household.
Unvaccinated patients treated abroad at the expenses of Qatar with one escort from the same household. This applies after assessing the patient’s health condition by the relevant department at MOPH. 
The above-mentioned groups must sign an undertaking showing their compliance with the home quarantine measures. However, for those aged below 18, their parents or guardian shall sign the undertaking affirming their children’s compliance with the home quarantine regulations. 
Qatar on Thursday announced a new travel policy that waived off hotel quarantine for all arrivals fully vaccinated with a vaccine approved by the Ministry of Public Health.
The new policy is aimed at ensuring the continued facilitation of the entry process into the country through air, land and sea ports for travellers.
A new package of precautionary measures will be applied to citizens, residents and visitors, which were developed with the aim of making the travel experience easy and safe while safeguarding public health and the measures previously taken to limit the spread of COVID-19.