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Qatar likely to hit 80% vaccination rate in October, but for now avoid travel, says Dr Al Maslamani

  • Jun 21, 2021
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Hamad General Hospital Medical Director Dr Yousef Al Maslamani has affirmed that the percentage of vaccinated people contracting COVID-19 is almost zero as compared to the unvaccinated people.
“Therefore, the risk of transmission of infection from a person who has been vaccinated is very small. Despite that, we conduct PCR test for vaccinated people after their return from travel, and if their results are positive, they are subject to the same quarantine conditions as those who are not vaccinated,” Dr Al Maslamani told Qatar TV.
He, however, advised people to avoid travel right now and if they have to travel, it is better for them to choose an epidemiologically stable country.
“Traveling to epidemiologically unstable countries may cause many problems as the person may get be exposed to the virus,” he added.
Dr Al Maslamani expressed his satisfaction with the level of vaccination in Qatar so far. He said the Ministry of Public Health has established many vaccination centres outside health centers, which has led to acceleration in the vaccination rate. So far, 55 percent of the eligible population has received two doses of the vaccine, which is very encouraging.
“Some people do not want to be vaccinated and this is their right. But we must reach the level of 70 to 80 percent vaccinated rate to protect society,” he said, expressing his conviction that this percentage is likely to be achieved next October.