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Competition to get vaccines will cripple global efforts to contain COVID-19: Amir

  • Jun 21, 2021
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Competition by some countries to get more vaccines than they require would cripple global efforts to contain COVID-19, His Highness the Amir of the State of Qatar Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani has said while inaugurating the virtual Qatar Economic Forum on Monday.
“I want to stress here that making vaccines against Covid-19 is a commendable humanitarian effort, but racing and competition by some countries to obtain quantities that exceed their needs will cripple the international efforts to control the pandemic globally, in addition to obstructing the development process in the developing and the poor countries,” HH the Amir said.
Calling on more cooperation from major industrialised economics to facilitate vaccine access to poorer countries he said Qatar has provided necessary assistance to more than 80 countries and international organizations.
“I call upon the leaders of the world countries, especially the major industrialized countries for more cooperation, within the framework of the international system, sharing the responsibility, and working together for a just and comprehensive distribution of the vaccine in a manner that would pave the way for establishing an integrated global social and economic system in line with the sustainable global development goals to achieve wellbeing and stability to our peoples,” HH the Amir said.
Although the pandemic has posed serious humanitarian and economic challenges, he said the global economy is going to bounce back.
Citing the International Monetary Fund, he said the global economy will achieve a 6% growth in 2021 and 4.4% in 2022.
“This optimism is attributable to the relative recovery of a number of vital economic sectors during the current year as a result of the financial stimulus packages introduced by many countries to support their economies, driven by the evolvement of vaccination campaigns around the world, despite the uneven distribution of the vaccine.”
HH the Amir said the pandemic has re-posed major questions concerning the relation of modern societies to nature, the society’s expectations of the State regarding public health policies, the State’s relationship with the economy, and global cooperation in facing the challenges.
HH the Amir said that such challenges cannot be overcome by solely relying on the efforts of the Nation State, as the efforts of confrontation must include the civil society and the business sector, and must be coordinated globally. The same applies to investing in research, predicting upcoming epidemics, and producing and distributing vaccines, he added.
“These matters should not be left to the Nation State alone, or to the laws of the market and the international trade alone to regulate them. It has been proven once again that theoretical answers and sharp ideologies are misleading.”