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Children can go to malls as Cabinet approves second phase of lifting COVID-19 restrictions

  • Jun 16, 2021
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Children will be able to tag along with their parents to malls and markets as Qatar's Cabinet on Wednesday gave its approval to implement the second phase of lifting COVID-19 restrictions on Friday (June 18).
The Cabinet, chaired by Prime Minister and Minister of Interior HE Sheikh Khalid bin Khalifa bin Abdulaziz Al Thani, reviewed an assessment of the country's COVID-19 situation by the Ministry of Public Health and the Supreme Committee for Crisis Management, and decided the following measures:  

From Friday, up to 80 percent of employees in public and private firms can come to offices and work while the remaining employees will continue to work remotely. 
Office meetings can have up to 15 employees participating, but at least 10 of them should be fully vaccinated. Meetings with bigger groups will still have to be held online.
Unvaccinated employees in the public and private sectors should conduct a rapid antigen test for the coronavirus approved by the Ministry of Public Health on a weekly basis. Vaccinated and recovered employees and those with a health status that doesn’t allow taking the anti-coronavirus vaccine are exempted from this.

Up to 10 fully-vaccinated people or five unvaccinated or mixed groups can gather indoors. Outdoor gathering is permitted for up to 20 vaccinated people or 10 unvaccinated or mixed groups.
Up to 10 people or family members residing in the same house are allowed to gather at parks, beaches, and the Corniche while continuing to close playgrounds and exercise equipment in those places. Private beaches will operate at 40 percent capacity.
No more than four people — including the driver — can travel together in a vehicle unless the occupants are of the same family.
Buses and vans cannot carry more passengers beyond half their seating capacities.
While people are required to wear masks when they go out — except for when they are driving with family or alone — the COVID-19 contact-tracing app Ehteraz is still a must for people stepping out of their homes.
Mosques will continue to allow worshippers for daily prayers as well as the Juma on Friday. However, children below seven years of age are not allowed in and toilets and ablution facilities will remain closed.

Metro and public transport services will continue to operate at 30 percent capacity throughout the week. However, passengers are not allowed to eat or drink on the train or bus. Smoking areas in stations will remain closed. 

Operating capacity of malls has been increased from 30 to 50 percent. Food courts, prayer areas and toilets inside malls can reopen.
Souks can continue working throughout the week with a maximum capacity of 50 percent. Children under 12 are not allowed in.
Wholesale markets can continue working throughout the week with a maximum capacity of 50 percent. Children under 12 are not allowed in.
Select exhibitions, conferences and fairs will be allowed at 30% capacity, following a risk assessment and approval from MOPH.

Restaurants and cafes with a “Clean Qatar” certificate can provide dine-in services at 30 percent capacity indoors and 50 percent capacity outdoors. Restaurants and cafes that meet the conditions determined by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry can provide dine-in services at 15 percent capacity indoors and 30 percent outdoors.

Educational institutions 
Private educational institutions, training centres and nurseries can continue in-person classes at 30 percent capacity, provided all the trainers are fully vaccinated.
Public museums and libraries can also operate at 30 percent capacity.
Educational sessions in centres designated for people with special needs will continue, provided that each session has no more than five individuals and one trainer; trainers must be fully vaccinated. 
All public and private universities, schools and kindergartens will continue with the blended education system. 

Salons and gyms
Beauty salons and barbershops can operate at a maximum capacity of 30 percent, provided that all workers are fully vaccinated.
Amusement parks and all entertainment centres can continue operations at 30 percent capacity for open air features and at 20 percent capacity for indoor facilities. At least 75 percent of the customers need to be fully vaccinated.
Health clubs, gyms, massage services, saunas, steam and jacuzzi services, and Moroccan and Turkish baths can expand operations from 30 to 40 percent capacity, provided that all workers in these facilities and customers have completed both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.
Swimming pools and water parks can expand operations to 40 percent capacity outdoors and 20 percent indoors. Only fully-vaccinated people can use indoor pools.
Private healthcare services can continue services at 80% capacity.
Cleaning and hospitality companies can provide services if their staff are fully vaccinated.
Driving schools will continue to operate at 30 percent capacity, provided all workers are fully vaccinated.

Theatres can also continue to operate at 30 percent capacity but the management should ensure that at least 75 percent of the customers are vaccinated. However, children below the ages of 12 are not allowed to enter the cinemas. 
Professional sports training, whether in closed or open spaces, preparatory training for local and international tournaments approved by the Ministry of Public Health, can continue. Training of amateurs shouldn’t involve more than 20 people in open space and 10 in enclosed space.
Local and international sporting events can be held after obtaining the approval of the Ministry of Public Health, with spectators up to a maximum of 30 percent of the seating capacity of the venue. Up to 75 percent of the spectators must be vaccinated.
Private boats, boat rentals, and tourist boats will be allowed to open at 50 percent capacity, for up to 15 vaccinated, while allowing the presence of 3, within the mentioned percentage, who did not complete or did not receive vaccine doses. Employees must be vaccinated.
The current travel and return policy to Qatar will continue.

Weddings can resume at independent halls and wedding halls in hotels with a maximum capacity of 40 people, provided at least 75 percent of the attendees are fully vaccinated