Saturday, May 8, 2021

Qatar Red Crescent distributes 300 gifts for sick children as part of 'Draw a Smile' initiative

  • May 04, 2021
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As part of the “Draw a smile” initiative, Qatar Red Crescent has received 300 boxes of various gifts, as solidarity donation from Arab International Academy. Students under the supervision of the administration of the Academy have participated in providing the total amount of money allocated to the process of purchasing and preparing the gifts. All that is processing in order to distribute them to the sick children, particularly those with health files in Patient Support Fund, which is supervised by  the social welfare department, from volunteering and local development sector in Qatar Red Crescent.
Regarding the distribution process, in the attendance of a representative from Arab International Academy, QRCS has distributed many gifts including various types of toys, to the sick children within the patient’s Aid Fund, with the aim of  painting smile on their faces and bringing joy to their hearts, especially on these blessed days of Ramadan.
100 gifts have been sent to Hamad Hospital to be distributed by the end of the current week to the sick children, unfortunately QRCS will not be able to supervise the operation in attendance, in accordance with the precautionary measures to prevent the Coronavirus. The distribution will be carried out by Hamad Hospital’s administration, to ensure the safety and protection of the children.
An other part of the gifts will be allocated to some children from needy families and other children with special needs.“We value this initiative from Arab International academy, which aims to relieve a very important part of society, the patient children. The contribution of students to this wonderful gesture, contains a beautiful message that these sick children   are not alone, and behind the walls of hospitals and houses, There are other children of their ages who support them and solidarity with them, morally and psychologically, especially on these days, on the verge of Eid. We haven’t to forget children especially the seek to relieve them of what they are suffering and draw a nice smile on their lives”, said Ms. Muna Fadel Al Sulaiti, executive director of volunteer and local development sector at Qatar Red Crescent Society, regarding “Draw a smile” initiative carried out in cooperation with the Arab International Academy.
From her side, Ms.Mooza Al-Kuari, head of community development in the volunteer and local development sector, has confirmed that the process od receiving and distributing the gifts id carried out in accordance with precautionary measures of preventing spread of corona virus, “All packages are sterilized before being delivered to beneficiaries, at the QRCS headquarters or Hamad hospital or other parts”, said Ms Mooza, praising the efforts of the Arab International Academy, and its noble humanitarian gesture, which enshrines the values of solidarity and social cooperation, especially on the eve of the eve of Eid El Fitr, this religion occasion which means a lot to us as Muslims and encourages us to pay attention and spread the happiness for all those around us from vulnerable and, needy and sick persons. 
It should be noted that “draw a smile” initiative, carried out in cooperation between QRCS an Arab International Academy, within the program “Who revived it”, which is concerned  with providing students with many kinds of support, by through many workshops, training courses in various fields in life, such us first aid, psychological support and health education.