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MOCI lays out dos and don’ts for auto repair businesses in Qatar

  • May 03, 2021
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The Ministry of Commerce and Industry on Monday issued a set of guidelines for auto repair businesses, laying out the dos and don’ts in cities and on commercial streets.
This comes as part of the ministry’s efforts to regulate and monitor commercial activities across Qatar and was issued in cooperation with the Ministry of Municipality and Environment and the Ministry of Interior.  
In accordance with the laws, conditions and requirements in force in the country, businesses that engage in car maintenance and repair activities in cities and on commercial streets may not:
• Conduct their activities outside the site defined in the granted license, including conducting business in public parking lots, on sidewalks, in adjacent squares and in residential areas. 
• They are also prohibited from parking customers' cars in public parking lots, on sidewalks or in residential areas. Cars are to be delivered to customers upon completion of their repair. 

The Ministry clarified that if the commercial shop cannot accommodate at least one car, the license site must be moved to the designated sites, where repairs can be conducted. 
The Ministry explained that the aforementioned decision includes the following activities:
• Auto electrical repair
• Car oil change
• Tire repair, change and sale
• Auto machinery repair
• Auto radiator repair
• Car exhaust repair
• Repair of automobile brakes and gear shifts
• Auto glass repair and installation
• Auto electronics repair
• Wheel alignment
• Automotive computer programming
• Car air conditioning repair
• Car accessory installation
• Car seat upholstery
• Selling car accessories

The Ministry called on those in charge of the aforementioned businesses to abide by the measures stipulated in this decision. Any violation of the decision exposes perpetrators to legal procedures, and they shall be held accountable, as per Law No. (5) of 2015 on Commercial, Industrial and Similar Public Shops, and Street Vendors, and the Ministry of Municipality and Environment’s Law No. (18) of 2017 on Public Hygiene, and Decree-Law No. (19) of 2007 regarding the Traffic Law.