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Qatar Charity participates in the opening of the largest mosque in Kosovo

  • Apr 13, 2021
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Coinciding with the advent of the month of Ramadan, Qatar Charity participated in the opening of the largest mosque in Kosovo, which represents a unique architectural masterpiece, in the presence of Sheikh Naim Trnava, Mufti of the Republic of Kosovo, and HE Ali bin Hamad Al-Marri, Ambassador of the State of Qatar to the Republic of Albania and the Republic of Kosovo (non-resident) In addition to Mr. Nawaf Al Hammadi, Assistant CEO of Qatar Charity's international operations and programs sector.

Mosque facilities
The mosque, which was called "Sheikh Shuaib Arnavut Mosque", is located in the Kosovar capital, Pristina. The mosque, which can accommodate 2,500 worshipers, consists of five floors that include classrooms, an Islamic library, a computer lounge and a children's playroom.
At the beginning of the ceremony, the Honorable Mufti of Kosovo praised the concern of the State of Qatar, the Emir, the government and the people, in their brothers from the people of Kosovo and providing them with a helping hand in the Republic of Kosovo, and said, "They have not forgotten them in any period, especially in the difficult circumstances that the Republic of Kosovo went through." He also praised Qatar Charity's role in implementing previous development projects.
He added, “This project that we are inaugurating today came at its own time, especially since we are on the verge of a holy month, which is the blessed month of Ramadan, considering that this mosque is one of the most beautiful mosques not only in Kosovo but in all of the Balkan countries.”

Two peoples came together
In his speech, His Excellency the Ambassador of the State of Qatar, Ali bin Hamad Al-Marri, expressed his happiness to participate in the opening ceremony and said, "This mosque came as a result of the concerted efforts and support of the philanthropists of the State of Qatar and the Republic of Kosovo, noting that this cohesion between the two friendly peoples encourages us to do more to enhance work." Commonality between the Qatari and Kosovar peoples. "
His Excellency added that we in the State of Qatar attach importance to strengthening relations with the Republic of Kosovo in various fields. And that this beautiful mosque is a gift from the people of Qatar to our brothers in Kosovo through Qatar Charity. He also offered his congratulations to the Kosovar people and all Islamic peoples on the imminent approach of the blessed month of Ramadan, wishing them an acceptable fast .

Implementation of other projects
For his part, Nawaf Al Hammadi, Assistant CEO of the International Operations and Programs Sector said in his speech: I feel very happy to participate in the opening of this distinctive edifice and this beautiful architectural masterpiece. From the times to their brethren the honorable Kosovar people.
Al-Hammadi indicated that he witnessed the signing of an agreement to pay electricity bills to more than 860 families of orphans, and that he is about to sign another agreement to build a new mosque.
It is worth noting that Qatar Charity's projects in Kosovo cover different segments and various fields, most notably the care and sponsorship of orphans, the handicapped, and families with limited income, as the number of those sponsored has nearly 3,350 sponsors, and in the field of education and training more than 5,000 people have benefited from the Qatar Training Center established and run by Qatar Charity. . The number of income-generating projects reached more than 500 projects, while the number of projects implemented in the field of water and sanitation reached more than 1000 projects.