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98.4% of those vaccinated safe from COVID-19: Dr Al Maslamani

  • Apr 12, 2021
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There’s some very good news in terms of protection from the virus for those who have received both the doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.
About 98.4 percent of the people who have received both the doses of COVID-19 vaccine have not been infected with the virus, Dr Muna Al Maslamani, Medical Director of the Communicable Diseases Center, told Qatar TV.
Putting to rest rumours about the effectiveness of the vaccines, she said, “More than 400,000 people have been vaccinated as of March 28. Only 1.5 percent of them have been infected with the virus, while 98.4 percent have not been infected,” she said.
"Someone may have heard about a case here and there, but we must look at the broader picture and not individual cases,” she added.
Dr Al Maslamani said, “In January, there were 7,796 people in hospital. Among them, the number of those who took the vaccine and got infected was only 57, or about .02 percent.”
She said about 1,160 people entered the intensive care unit and of those only 7 people (or 0.003 percent) who were vaccinated.
Dr Al Maslamani said Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines are effective against mutated strains from Britain and South Africa. However, she said, “We need more studies, especially with regard to the mutated strains of the virus.”