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Awqaf withdraws earlier tweet, says will continue to look for Ramadan moon on Monday

  • Apr 11, 2021
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The Ministry of Endowments (Awqaf) and Islamic Affairs has withdrawn its earlier tweet  on crescent sighting and announced that it would continue look for crescent moon of Ramadan on Monday.
"The committee met on Sunday and since it has not been proven that the month of Shaban has entered the evening of the 29th of Rajab, today no one has come forward to testify. Accordingly, the committee decided to continue its work, and to re-examine the vision tomorrow," Awqaf said in the latest tweet.
The start of Ramadan is determined by the lunar calendar which, unlike the Gregorian calendar, follows a 29- or 30-day cycle determined by the cycle of the moon.
Ramadan 2021 is due to start on either Monday or Tuesday in Qatar.
Muslims anticipate the end of Shaaban, the month preceding Ramadan, by watching for the absence or presence of the crescent moon, which indicates the continuation of Shaaban or the beginning of Ramadan.