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Now, people vaccinated outside Qatar exempt from hotel quarantine

  • Apr 07, 2021
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People who have received COVID-19 vaccine outside Qatar are now exempt from hotel quarantine if they meet certain criteria, the Ministry of Public Health has announced.
For the exemption, travellers must be immunised with any of these four vaccines: Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, AstraZeneca or Johnson & Johnson.
Besides, travellers must have taken the specified number of doses — one in the case of Johnson and Johnson and two for the others.
They are also required to have waited for a period of 14 days after being fully vaccinated.
They must present an official certificate or a vaccination card containing the following information: 
*The person's name as mentioned in his official documents.
*The date of receipt of doses depending on the type of vaccine.
*The name of the vaccine.
*The serial number of the vaccine
*The official logo or the official seal of the vaccination facility

The person's COVID-19 PCR test result must be negative, either by taking the test at one of Qatar's ports of entry or by submitting a certificate authenticating that the person is virus-free by taking the test at one of the vaccination centres accredited by the Ministry of Public Health abroad, provided that the certificate validity should not exceed 72 hours upon arrival.
The Ehteraz health status will remain green for all persons who meet the above-mentioned criteria, and therefore will be exempted from hotel and home quarantine upon entering Qatar.
If the specified period of 14 days has not passed, citizens and residents returning to Qatar will be subject to home quarantine for seven days or until the remaining of the 14 days has passed, whichever is shorter.